The Birth of Casinos in the Society

Gambling is considered as one of the sectors that are increasingly becoming popular to adults as well as teenagers nowadays. Most people perceive gambling to be their source of relief after facing problems and pressures from work and family.

It is also common belief that gambling games provide hope to people facing financial struggles. However, gambling also causes an individual to experience anxiety and psychological stress because if these games are not played right, one may suffer from financial debts.

Most political institutions such as local and national governments support the legalization of gambling establishments because they contribute a great amount to the tax revenues of cities and states, which is the primary objective for promoting casinos. The support of the institutions to the gambling industry has led to the increasing popularity of gambling establishments such as casinos in the society.

Casinos refer to establishments that offer several types of gambling activities. Some of the gambling games usually observe in a casino are the slot machines, roulettes and card games including poker and blackjack. Most of these establishments are located in restaurants and hotels because they are attractive to tourists. To enhance the number of people visiting casinos, some of them host entertainment events such as music performances.

The term “casino” originated from words or phrases that refer to villa, summerhouse of pavilion. The birth of casinos in the society is hard to determine, but the earliest account of casino gambling can be rooted in China in 2300 B.C. However, historical accounts prove that the first legal casino was established in Baden, Switzerland, in 1765.

One of the most important events in the history of casinos is the opening of the El Rancho Vegas Hotel-Casinos in 1941. After several years, the casino has influenced other capitalists in cities to put up casinos because they found that the business is profitable.

In line with the development of Internet, online casinos were created. In the 1990s, books about casinos and online gambling were introduced in the market. The accessibility of people to the Internet has also contributed to the proliferation of online casinos. This specific type of casino is more convenient for gamblers because all they have to do is to log in to the Internet and search for Web sites that feature online casinos, and they will be able to play casino games.

Learning about some of the significant milestones in the history of casinos is necessary for explaining the present state of the gambling industry in the society. Its origin may also contribute to predict the economic trends in casinos in the near future. Lastly, the negative perception towards casinos may be eliminated if people were enlightened about the initial aim for developing this gambling establishment.

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